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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
lol.. must be where u live. .
lol, maybe its where you live.

My point is not that commercial fields are better than outlaw, I certainly do not beleive that. My point is that blanket staements like
Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Outlaw ball >> commercial*, **
Originally Posted by thumper View Post
the worst offenders are the commercially run fields.
are simply untrue. Life is situational. I have had positive and negative experiences on both commercial and non-commercial fields.

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Originally Posted by lurchness monster View Post
Lets show them the MCB way of playing this game. We'll show up late, miss the first game or two, talk about and fondle each others markers, have lunch, talk about where we will play next, play a game or two, and go home complaining how tired we are after playing all day. Should be a lot of fun.
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he doesn't manage a business, and he should have planned it out better or had some experience in what he was doing before taking pre-orders. the worst part is simply that he took the money and did not refund it... which is fraud.

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