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I'm kind of an inbetweener. I run a field owned by a local ministry I'm involved in, totally not-for-profit. We operate in some ways like a commercial field: we offer a limited number of rentals, and we are FPO. (But we offer high quality paint at the same prices as the stuff sitting at Walmart around here, and we do it for environmental and player courtesy purposes - everything we use is 100% PEG in non-staining colors.) We also have the operation like an outlaw field too: There are no field fees, all day air is super cheap ($1), we set up the chrono's but you're responsible for chronographing your own gun and getting your own stuff ready, and unless we're specifically running an event, we don't usually have refs for our informal games - honorbound play rules the day. For the informal game days, only experienced players get invited, and only those who play by the rules and with the right attitude get invited back.

The field was created 100% by volunteers and is run 100% by volunteers, operating just barely over cost most of the time (and sometimes under). What little it makes, when it makes anything, is put right back into the ministry.
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