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No magic, new posts is my favorite button. You never know what you'll find on MCB!

One way to say it(I love the movies) is that there are samurai pistolplayer moves and ninja pistolplayer moves. The best pistolplayers are comfortable with both kinds and flexible about switching back and forth...
Making samurai moves off the break, to get in position for ninja moves. Making ninja moves to get in position for samurai moves.
Stay flexible, I would say that your current opponent and his gun should dictate your strategy at least as much as you and your gun. If you're moving in on a squad that has good coverage on each other's position and seem to be communicating, your best move is completely different than on a group with mismatched gear that are all looking one way... You've definitely zeroed in on the things that a pistol player contributes to a team, IMO. Finding more and more ways to work with others is a simple matter of experience for you now.

Don't ever let yourself settle into a pattern of doing things a certain way and you'll be fine. Remember, unlike realsteel, you'll face the same opponents in combat over and over, it's not good to be predictable!

I use 12grams, other than flexhoning of the barrels and breeches mine are stock inside. My son slims down the bodies for me removing fingergrooves and front rail and smoothing the triggerguard. I like their pointability this way:

As for gear and stuff, there's a few things I swear by.
Pursuit Pod PistolPods are a must, IMO! They dump load from the top like a normal pod, then dispense one mag load at a time. These save time and hassle in the dead zone and are the only good way to reload mags on the field. They fit in any 2mag M4/M16 surplus pouch, if you cut out the divider, that's how I carry one often. In a pinch it's a 49rd pod for a teammate as well, that they can use instead of seperate tubes.

Pursuit Pods Online Store

Gloves! I use the Duluth Trading Carpenter's gloves:
Work Gloves - Men's Duluth Trading Carpenter's Gloves - Duluth Trading
A pistol player gets shot in the hands alot, at least I do. These gloves have the backs of the knuckles padded and the ring and little finger covered against hits and other trouble. The thumb, index and middle fingers are cutoff, which is great for handling mags and harness as well as for shooting. The nice thing about these in particular is that fingers are cutoff longer, only the tips exposed. IMO they work way better. The heel of the palm is lightly padded plus the leather, nice for crawling. Crawling with a pistol upright in your hand is another time you love the covered lower fingers.
I like them a little loose, unlike most tac gloves, which can deaden and cramp your hands after a full day scenario, I get the XXL.

Another thing is that I take a tip from the cowboys on the holster. All real western holsters had a hammer loop that secured the pistol in the holster. A simple loop of 1/8th bungee hooked to the holster or passed through a hole in it, will secure the pistol and it's something you can find, hook or unhook without looking at, which is good.

Welcome to the club!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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