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Very generous of you...also asking our friends from Azodin (some employees are member o the OC Meetup group) to see if they want to attend. They wanted me to help them do a regular game and they make one affordable autococker style pump so I like to encourage and support them! The last time we did the event with BOMAGS they came with a tent and 10 markers and masks to loan out to people that did not have them or wanted to try out an Azodin. They also have some nice shirts and head gear they designed that look pretty nice...I was impressed. And, they are a local (Pomona, CA) based company which I ALSO like to support (of course the markers and gear are made in Taiwan or China but is Dye and everyone else but the designers and mgmt are here and creating jobs for some nice folks that play right here at SC) Hoping they will want to come again!
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