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Today I've got 5 Crosman 3357 Pistol revolvers FS. Remember guys, these are 50cal, not 68.

I've aired them all up and they all seal well and fire fine (though I haven't had them over a chrono). I've cleaned them up (since they came to me rough).

2 of them work great (latches are there and hold the barrel fine). 3 of them shoot fine but need the new rubber under the latch so it can hold the barrel up. The 2 that work well are going to come with their boxes, the other 3 are gun only (1 cylinder with each gun)

Price - $155 + $15 priority shipping with insurance EACH for the 2 working well ones
Price - $140 + $15 priority shipping with insurance EACH for the remaining 3.

I'll consider a 5for1 trade if you have something really nice to trade.


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