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Snipers FS: BlackMagic, WGP, Stockclass

Ok, trying to thin the herd a bit. I've got a couple snipers/sniper projects up for sale. All of these have mixed together regs. Some I've received in the mail thinking they were working but actually not. I don't have the know-how to fix them. The rest of the snipers are in working condition. What you see is what you get.

1. Red Black Magic (undrilled)
Torpedo reg (may need a rebuild)
WGP pump kit
Benchmark frame
Twist clamp feedneck

$165 + shipping

2. Gloss/Flat NightKast Sniper
CP reg (may need a rebuild)
WGP hinge
CIP on/off
ANS bolt
Empire grips

$110 + shipping

3. Silver/Raw Sniper (Open / Stockclass options)
Angel threaded feednecks (x2)
Phantom feedneck/feedtube
CP reg (working!)
WGP pump kit
CP rail and on/off

$225 + shipping

Shipping: $10 USPS Priority with DC (Canada $20)
Trades: None

Thanks for looking.

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