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Originally Posted by Reloadro View Post
good video. as you were describing the "hypothetical field" in the beginning, i was matching it up almost 100% with my home field. thing is, i think they actually have pretty fair pricing and work extremely hard. most of their work, though, is stuff that is aimed at maintaining the regular crowd. changing/improving fields, mostly. the field paint is garbage, but sundays are byop and a lot of the regs do so. its a fun and friendly environment, which i think helps with new players, but there's a lot that could be done as far as initial presentation, and one of the main desk guys (handles sign-in and paint) is, to put it nicely, not exactly a people person.....
Im working on a follow up vlog. I will be out next week.

The thing are lucky. Outside of the US, there less than a small handful of fields that do BYOP. Im including Australia, Canada, UK and Europe. Its just not done.

Also, $170 for a case is the going rate. Australia can get up to $300 a case.

If you can do BYOP, then the question is how can they fix up the facilities.

It all comes down to are you getting a service equal to the money you pay.

So it does sound like you are getting the value you would expect?
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