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Originally Posted by lxlfeng View Post
Hi all,

i only recently found out about the essay Yomillio wrote. I hate to take part
in petty arguments, but i would like to say a few things in my defense:

1. i was sold a faulty marker that was misrepresented as working perfectly.

2. i filed a dispute to protect myself. I have no idea it would lead to an account freeze, thought it would only happen if it were escalated to a claim. I only just found out when i read his essay.

3. I did pm Yomillio about the paypal dispute i filed. While i waited for his reply, he came up with the essay that misrepresented certain facts.

4. If i did not take the phantom apart, how was i gonna fix it? I thought i fixed it initially when i managed to replaced the orings, but the leak was still there. I have spent a few days trying to figure out where the leak is, but im still stuck. Theres a hissing sound that seems to come from within the air adapter group whenever i air it up, so i thought it was leaking from the sight rail holes.

5. I admit that i made a mistake not posting about the leak in my sales thread.

*Yomillio, i am sorry if i have offended you in any way, but i do not appreciate you going behind my back like this without discussing with me first.

let me know what you guys think. i will resolve the paypal case right away if you guys think i am at fault.
My short, civil responses (and don't worry, I take no offense other than the fact that you say I misrepresented certain facts, because at no time have I done such a thing):

1.) It was sold to you in working condition. If it were leaking when I sold it, it would be absolutely remiss of me to list it as being in working condition. I have listed many a marker in non-working, disassembled, or leaking condition, and made sure the appropriate description was part of the listing. If it developed a leak somehow during shipping, I was more than willing to help you fix it. I only stopped trying to help after I found that the marker was completely disassembled to pieces and that you filed a $30 PayPal dispute. Your intentions become pretty clear at that point - that my efforts of helping you fix a marker that was essentially in pieces are pretty moot.

2.) I understand your concern here, but you gave me no chance to reconcile the situation before filing the dispute you did. If I were unreasonable, THEN is the best time to file a dispute. If I'm not mistaken, you would have had about another 2 weeks to file. I hate to think that I were unreasonable at any point - you know I was there to answer your questions and help you out as promptly as I could.

3.) You PM'ed me about the dispute on Monday, about 48 hours after the dispute was filed, and ALSO after I exchanged a handful of messages with you. In fact, it was about midway through our messages over the weekend that I noticed the email about the dispute came in and was terribly surprised, as one might say. You mentioned nothing to me in PM form about it until Monday afternoon. I did not respond as I had already attempted to help you fix the problem, and again, your intents were clear at that point so I had no desire to keep wasting my time on a problem that would only be resolved in an unfair manner.

4.) Disassemble the valve to help fix it? Sure, that's fine. Disassemble the entire maker and mix it with some of your own parts and sell it off around the same time that you file a dispute about the transaction? Questionable, at the very best.

5.) Good on you.

As to the "going behind your back": I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that I felt obligated to seek consul on the matter, and I'm sorry if it offended you for me to do so.

For the "misrepresentation of certain facts": Please, feel free to ask or point out where I falsified or otherwise presented the matter unfairly and I will be happy to speak to it. Granted, by story is not without the bias of someone in my position, but I have done my absolute best to present the facts as objectively as possible. If there is something I said that is untrue or otherwise slanted, please feel free to ask me to clarify or correct it - I will assuredly do so. As it is now, I stand by all comments and facts that I have made 100%.

This will likely be my last post here unless asked to provide clarification on facts or supply other evidence. If any members have any questions for me regarding this matter, please feel free to message me or post in any of the relevant threads.
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