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Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
I was using a horizantal pack for a while. I recently switch to a Dye Assult pack and like it.

As far as pods go, I love the Fat Boy pods. I don't put pods back in my pack, I just drop them on the field then go pick them up. Because of that I don't buy expensive pods, Dye Locklids. Between my friends and I we probably lose or break about 5 pods in a day of play. It is a lot easier to take a $5 than a $25 hit.
+1 for fat boy pods! I've used those foreeveeer. As far as losing pods goes, if it's a normal walk on day throw them at the ref. That's what everyone does to us now. We pick them up for you. Larger games well...that's a whole different animal.

To answer the unless it's in the loops on the outside of the designated pod bays. Putting pods into an inverted pack the wrong way will probably double your chance of paint going everywhere. Combine that with cheap can figure it out.
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