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Originally Posted by Paint_that_ball View Post
Yeah there is this huge paintball place close to me but after 10 bucks to get in 6 dollars for one tank of air and 50 in paint it gets veeerry expensive.
i hate to say it, but thats great pricing for a field....

my choices...

ghetto/woodsball $5 Entry, $5 Air, BYOP, no insurance, bathrooms, etc
Speedball #1 $20 Entry/air, BYOP, 1 hour away
Speedball #2 $15 Entry/air, FPO ($50/case), 2 hours away

Woodsball #1 $20 Entry/air, BYOP, 45min away
Woodsball #2 $15 Entry, $10 Air, FPO ($60/case), 45min away

Indoor $25 Entry, $10 Air, FPO ($65/case), 1 hour away *bought a year membership, free entry, -$15/case, just pay air*

so $16 + paint is great, especially if its close!

now imagine splitting your paint bill in 4 because your a pump
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