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The Battle of Khe-Sanh, Ballbusters Paintball, Columbia, SC April 6-7

April 6-7, 2013
“The Battle of Khe-Sahn”
Balbusters Paintball, Columbia, SC (803)796-9822
FREE pre-registraion (yes FREE pre-reg! Probably normal field fees day of...), with a $10 air fee.
3000/4500 HPA and CO2 available
Paint will be $50/case for field grade, $60/case for premium. Not sure of the brand yet. Normally they use DXS, but I have asked the owners to provide Valken. We'll see...
Primitive camping on site. Local Hotels, etc. within 10-15 min driving distance

Link to field site Ballbusters Paintball
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