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Originally Posted by paintballedbackin88 View Post
2k+ Dust black Evo X. The only non original parts are the ccm feedneck and aka pump arm.

100% restored Dust silver 98 Evo. Dr. Jekyll. Completely rebuilt original brass ram, brass angry 3 way, and belsales evo spec sledgehammer lpr. It also has a belsales roller sear and an aka lpc. Internals are 100% original belsales valve and rex dialer. Reg is air america messiah.

Flattened 3 way actuator rod and some good timing lowered trigger pull to 3mm. Fastest mech slider I have.

100% modified Dust black 98 evo. Mr Hyde. Belsales Angry frame with aka trigger plate, shocktech trigger pants and belsales roller sear.

gloss black angry 3 way valve
gloss black eclipse nexus ram with qevs and eclipse dart lpr. Shocktech lpc.

The belsales bolt has been milled out and lightened for better air flow. The internals are a shocktech phat hammer and an aka tornado valve. My regular shooter, and probably favorite Evo since I changed almost everything I could to make it uniquely mine.

Early 2k Dust blue Evo X (serial number dates the body to 98). I added an aka trigger plate with shocktech trigger pants and belsales roller sear. Pump arm is aka.

100% original pneus. I added a pre2k shocktech lpc. Even though the Evo X is designated a 2k release, it still has a pre2k front block.

that blue one is looking goooood. u ever thought about getting the vert asa done to match the body?
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