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DW Fibur Barrel Discussion

So, i own 2 phantoms one has a 14 inch barrel bored for freak inserts and i love, shoots straight as an arrow. However, i am curious about deadly wind barrels because i know they are very accurate on other markers and wondering if i will see an increase in accuracy if a use a deadly wind.

Second matter is what length of DW barrel/ or any barrel in general do you prefer. i have an 11 inch and a 14 inch and love both them, but neither seems to be more accurate and i really want to experiment with a 6 inch barrel. will there be a drop in accuracy if i use a 6 inch barrel. My definition of accuracy is the balls flight path will it be less straight if i shoot through a 6 inch vs a 14 inch barrel (Assuming exact same velocity, exact same paintball, no wind... ideal conditions).

So i would love to hear some of your opinions and thoughts, and maybe some debates.
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