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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Well, the JT Splatmaster line includes a couple of different targets. A lot of this stuff is available at Wal-Mart. If you want interactive targets, a lot of what is available at sporting goods and outdoor stores like Dick's or Gander Mountain would work just fine with paintball. Probably not the exploding targets, though, unfortunately.

Really for paintball it's more about snap shooting than bench rest target practice accuracy. How fast can you go from crouched behind a bunker to marker out and on target? Especially if you're playing Xball or speedball in general. So set up drills for yourself where you break from cover and time how long it takes you to put any ball on target, even if it's not the first ball out of your marker.

Now if you're trying to play stock class or even open class pump it's a different story.

But yeah, drills and practice are probably more important that what exactly you use as a target.

I like the tennis ball idea, though. I may have to steal that
The splat masters shatter on impact as well as any airsoft target (hell they shatter with a decent airsoft rifle). The targets you can get at wall mart are far too small to hit anything with them let alone a paintball. As for the snap shooting... this is why I want these targets so I can use them with my snap shooting and run and gun drills. Sure its masochistic but thats why I am asking if there are any good .22 caliber swing or reset targets that are worth the money and do not have targets the size of quarters.

As for the tennis balls, its a great idea, but the problem is... they just spin around and then you have to untangle them. If worse comes to worse I am going to just make my own reset target device using tennis balls PVC and possibly cut plexiglass. If I end up doing that I will certainly make a Tutorial on how to make it, with proper measurements and patters and put it up here for everyone to give it a try.
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