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Sorry again for the delays guys. Then again you should be used to it by now

Due to a medical emergency in the family, the creator's been a little behind. He's working to finish the first run of the black anodized frames. He just let me know that technically it will only be nine, as one is a blem. Come to think of that, I'll ask him if he'd mind offering it at a discount, assuming nothing major is wrong, which I don't think would be considering it's just a blem.

He also let me know that there are few wedges left, although I forget if he said he has them or someone else. Anyways, if someone out there wants one of the wedge adapters for the Siler frame lemme know.

When I'm informed that the first nine black anodized frames are ready for shipping I've been instructed to distribute his email address to the lucky first nine. Individuals purchasing the frame will work out with him payment (I imagine PP will be preferred, but I don't know) and shipping (will be shipped from CA, Modesto I think).

I'm behind on my emails and pms, again, so be merciful. I'll get to you all as soon as I can. You're not forgotten!
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