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The ram plunger oring is 009, I believe the smaller oring is 006. The ram can cause the 3way to leak if the 009 is shot and letting air thru to the other open end of the 3way. I sure sign of a bad 009 is if it leaks out of one side and the leak switches when the trigger is pulled and held. It sounds like your current ram leak could be solved by some simple loctite on the barb tho.

FGP has one oring on its reg piston and a Shrader valve. I cannot seem to get my FGP open right now, but the oring is looks to be around a 015/016 judging by the size of the FGP. The Shrader valve can be replaced with one from a car tire but a special tool is required to remove it. They both can be found at an automotive store for less than $10.

People say the only place to get the stock pink orings for the Bomb is Shocktech. I've used regular orings in mine before, but the trigger was a little stiff for a few cases.

It's hard to tell about it not cocking, too many variables. Typically if a gun is doing what you're describing and it's timing has been checked in both directions (I've had a few cockers do this and tightening the timing up actually stopped it), the LPR has a 'sweetspot' that it needs to be at. Too little pressure and it won't cock at all or too much pressure and the momentum is too great for the hammer to catch the lug. Try slowly messing with the LPR. You can also try adding a heavier sear spring. I'd also really suggest a square hammer lug, they give a nice clean feel to the trigger compared to a rounded lug.

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