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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
Get used to what you have first, honestly. Especially if you have little experience. You can ruin how a cocker style gun shoots by screwing around with it.
i agree and disagree.
i agree get used to what you got first, if you can learn to tune it and achieve different results(i.e. tune it for better efficiency, then tune it for the lightest pump stroke, then sweet spot it and back again) this is how you get experience and understand different spring tensions and then be able to use said spring kits in the manner you desire.
but i disagree that you shouldn't "screw" around with it because you'll never understand how things work and how different setups yield difference results if you don't mess with settings and do your research. the only way to learn is to mess around with stuff. you got to break a few eggs to make a cake.
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Some people are penny wise, and dollar foolish.
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