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Ok so finally got to review the document. And on the surface things appear like they are progressing well. However, I am not really seeing meat on that bone. What you are discussing there is everything that has been pointed out that can be found online or in magazines.

If this is to be considered for a national curriculum then it will need more detail but also more generality. Consider the market you are going to try and reach and what it will take to reach it. An instructional classes of this nature that people are going to pay for are going to be targeted more towards a younger crowd. Because honestly your 30 something is probably not going to pay for a class on paintball if this is their first time. And if they really like to play and want to entertain lessons, then they are going to skip the "welcome to paintball" schtick and go to what they want to go for.

Think about it...what did you look for on Youtube? Do you search for "how to play" or did you look for "how to lane", "how to navigate the snake"? You skipped ahead to the specific area you were looking for.

So by more detail I am referring to breaking down the lessons such as safety, you want to list specifically the safety items to cover, mask, barrel covers, etc. But you also have to make certain you are not specific in your training and allow for generalities that maybe a local field owner would also want to interject. And if you go for any sort of "certification" aspect on this, then field owners can always add, but never remove from the curriculum.

And when it comes to movement and covering aspects of being in the game you want to make certain that your lessons are geared towards applications and practices that are applicable in any game. And when the students hit the field you want to make certain that the field is a generic field or mix the fields up...some woodsball styled, some with inflatables and such. But stay away from specific lesson plans such as X-ball specific strategies or woodsball specifics. You can fill a day with generic practices that are useful in paintball.

By doing this and keeping specific lessons out of the generic plan you create an opportunity to offer more classes and generate more revenue. Again think of your audience here. Young and impressionable with mom paying for the fun. So the mother has to feel like their kid is going to learn something and more importantly her child is going to learn how NOT to get hurt playing. This is why safety is a key factor to ensure it is ingrained into the training at every turn. But this also has to be fun to ensure they keep coming back for more.

In the long run imagine putting into place this sort of training along with advanced training as a means for field owners to weed out sponsorship requests as well. We all know that members of a team may be committed to playing and may have the skills to play and be successful. But to ensure the commitment is there prospects have to receive such and such certification. I know there are some balking right now...but think of employment of the reasons companies look for degrees is not because they think that it expresses the person knows what they are talking about, but it reflects a level of commitment that they are willing to stick it out through the process to earn the degree.

All in all I think there is potential here and something that can provide "appeal" at a different level that previously experienced in the sport.
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