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Originally Posted by Tygen1 View Post
There are several folks ok MCB who can rethread the trracer.
With the velocity up, and original barrel, its the loudest on the field :-) Now it is much quieter.
I got the 45 frame off a spyder clone. Many old spyders use the bolt on grip frame.
Barrel options are almost none. Even the ones you can get won't stop roll outs.
I use a 45/45 tank but would like a 13/30.
I would like to know who these folks are. I have been trying to find someone to do rethreads or barrel adapters (this is what I really want actually, haha). Please help, thanks!

I have a J&J Ceramic on my Maverick with the tape mod, works great, but will have to be replaced after a day of playing.
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