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Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
Multiple being the operative word.
For sure. Only been playing pistols for 3 months and I'm already on my fourth rig.

For me, full vests don't work because they make your target area larger and provide semi hard surfaces on which paint breaks easily. I like baggy clothing on top so that I promote bounces.
Belts move around too much and don't support a tank well while running (I prefer to play with a remote). Suspenders don't fix this problem as everything still bounces around.
I've found that the best weight/target profile/stability combo for the gear I like to use is pretty much going to be a double-kidney belt style system (this is the velcro/elastic combination that secures most modern pod packs).

Army Navy stores are a great place to get gear for pistol play. Gun shows also have been a boon for me. You can get a bunch of different gear with a relatively small cash investment- allowing you to play with different set ups.
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