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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
I feel bad for whatever engine folks decide is not useful.

Cheaper to buy a closer + a vice and not have to change parts ; )
To be fair, I think that the people who aren't interested in the spool engine won't be buying this. And frankly, there are enough spool choices out there that are competitive with this that if they don't want a poppet engine, they can go with something else.

For $1200, a marker with two different drive systems seems to be a pretty fair price by "high-end" standards. The Geo3 is $1300 and it can only ever be a spool. The DM is about $1200 new and it can only ever be a spool. The Ego will only ever be a poppet and it's $1200 as well.

Though to an extent I see your point- it would be nice to be able to pick just one "engine" when ordering and knock $150-160 off the total price of the gun, for those that know which engine they're going to stick with right off the bat.

My only concern is that it seems that people on the right coast seem to have issues getting parts and service from BLAST in a timely fashion. If it weren't for that, I'd probably be highly considering the V-COM.
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