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Working in a paintball/hardware store leads to alot of good stories.....

Hardware - talked to a guy that was installing a dishwasher that he just purchased. I showed him the dishwasher supply line that we sell for $22.99 (stainless braided hose). Told him it was an easy install since it comes with the fittings that work for 95% of the dishwashers and I could come up with 2 fitting that would make it so that he could just attach it to 1/2" copper pipe. He thought that was "too expensive" and opted for the clear braided PVC hose and the fittings he thought would work because $22.99 was "too much". I warned him that the braided PVC hose was not meant to be used as a hot supply line. He came back the next day and sheepishly bought the hose that I told him the day prior to buy. Seemed that he was awakened by a loud bang and the sound of water spraying when the hose failed.

Paintball - I get this once a year at the shop where someone has taken their 98C apart and either put the detent or bolt in backwards. I always ask if they have taken the gun apart and always get the "No, it just started not working". Split the clamshells and something is always backwards (Getting the "ohh it came like that").
I am thinking of putting a holy bible near the tech area and getting customers to put their hands on it and swear to god that they did not take the gun apart to see what happens.
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