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Thumbs up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare... AKA the greatest and funniest sword fight of all time.

Well I managed to get a few hours in over the last couple weeks for gaming, and this game promptly became my new favourite! You guys seriously need to start playing... this is the funniest action game I've played in forever, the fights are intense and keep you on the edge of the seat, when you aren't laughing out loud (which is most of the time). Brilliant game... great combat mechanics which are challenging and engaging, and the animations and taunts make it better than anything else. If you ever wanted a medieval action game based off The Holy Grail, this is as close as it gets... love it

older beta video from october which shows one of the team objective game modes:

An awesome low-gravity server... everyone is constantly falling to their deaths:

cunning fist fighting in free for all arena, so badass:

montage of awesome glitches and a sweet ballista shot:

will post more videos eventually etc... anyways, Discuss!

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