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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
I'm another for composite toe. Composite toes also don't bend and slice off your toes in a compression accident. Like idkfa said, make sure whichever steel or composite kind you buy has the correct ANSI or MilSpec standards for your workplace.

I have some awesome Danner 8" side zip EMT boots. They are kind of spendy, but they will last longer than just a year. I got three years (wearing them all day every day at work) out of the first pair. They are light weight and very comfortable.

Honestly, the cheep ones aren't worth the money you save. They don't last, and beat the crap out of your feet. Steel are heavy, so they can start wearing on your joints too. The steel toed sneakers I have tried on have all been heavier than my composite boots. Plus I prefer that extra bit of ankle protection.
I agree with this as well saw a guy once get his little toe sliced off when a roller fell off a hoist on to his foot/boot, also on the up side they are not as cold.
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