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Originally Posted by freedummy View Post
I have a theory... and it's the only way I can make sense of these rounds...

It's not a reusable rubber skirt, and you don't provide your own .50 ammo to stick in them. I suspect (or rather hope) that they've taken the complex molding process used to make one-piece First Strike rounds (which is why they're $0.40 a piece) and split it into two-parts. Regular 0.50" paintball = cheap means for cheap fill. Biodegradable black fins without fill = less complicated and hopefully substantially cheaper than making a normal First Strike.

Pop the two together in the factory and sell them at a cheaper price point than First Strikes. From a business stand-point, it's the only thing that makes sense. They wouldn't bother introducing it if it were inferior in every way to the existing competition.

I can only imagine that molding those black skirts on mass would be significantly cheaper than making FS rounds as Tiberius makes them.

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