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no new maps sadly. They spent all the time on the new characters. Everyone has new skills, I think there was only one or two total that had old ones recycled.

The Vanguard is different, but I like her. She plays kind of like the Drellguard, very hit and run. The Poison Strike charge is great for going right through everything. Makes a great high speed medic on small maps.

I run her 6/4/6/5/5 and it seems to be running pretty well.

PS- Range, recharge, double dash
Blades- Damage
BF- movement, duration, heightened focus
passive- Damage and stability and power damage
claws- Melee damage, shield recharge.

With a hurricane and grenade gear V. I may tweak it to drop the shield recharge and put it into blades or something. 7 blades almost feels like too much, but they do good damage. And then dash through guys for biotic/stacked poison damage. Her melee is really good too, almost like a shadow strike.

Got the feel of her in bronze, and played a few silver matches last night with her. Ended up playing medic a lot in the end. Very survivable with double dash, if you get in trouble, bug out.
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We can always hack and mold it the way we want it. This is MCB after all....
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