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Originally Posted by SluggoSteel View Post
-What is a good brand or type of paintballs I should purchase? With quality first and budget a close second, what would be a good source of ammunition? Could I get something at Big 5, Walmart, or a local sporting goods store, or should I order off the internet?
Do not buy paint from any of the stores you listed. Their stuff has been sitting in shipping containers for who-knows-how-long, and the brands they carry are subpar. A lot of fields specifically don't allow paint bought in these places. Stick to buying from PB shops or the internet.
As for specific brands, I've been extremely happy shooting Valken Graffiti for the last few months. Their Redemption is also good, and their Fate is VERY nice for the low price.

co2 and/or gas sources
HPA is better than CO2, especially if you live in an area that actually has winter that feels like winter. HOWEVER, the Hammer7 requires high pressure to get up to appropriate chrono, so make sure that whatever HPA tank you get outputs around 800psi. Otherwise, you'll have to mess with your springs in order to make it shoot right.

WHAT!? There are orange Hammers!? I'm going to have to buy one.
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