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Much of the above is good advice, so to echo:

1. Get the best fitting, most comfortable thermal-lensed mask you can buy. It doesn't have to be the most expensive. I've tried nearly every mask made in recent history, and have owned a number of the highest-priced ones. High price does not equal good for you. You want something that:

Will not fog (get a dual-paned thermal lens)
Affords good peripheral vision
Fits your face snugly and comfortably
Allows you to breath and speak freely
Allows you to hear clearly

I've bolded 'you' because you cannot take anyone else's word for any mask. Stick it on your face. Now talk. Breathe. Do you sound like Darth Vader to yourself? Try on more. Do jumping jacks. Bang your head. Look around. Flick your ears. Too loud? Try more. Go back to the first ones and repeat. The mask is THE most important piece of equipment you will ever own. Get one you are happy with, and not the one that makes you look the coolest. You look cool when you win, not when you aren't having a good time because you can't see, or hear, or breath, or communicate.

2. Go with HPA if you can afford it. Ninja is dandy.

3. ALWAYS buy the best paint you can afford. As you are new, you will either have to trust us, or learn the hard way. Your marker will shoot only as good as the paint you put through it. You asked for accuracy, and good paint is arguably the most important piece of that equation. As of now, Valken Graffiti is a fine paint, and won't kill your wallet. There are plenty of others, but never, ever skimp on paint. And absolutely never buy from a chain store.

If Walmart starts carrying Graffiti, or whatever other brands you see recommended here in this thread, don't buy it there. Get it from a dedicated paintball supplier/pro shop. Trust us.

4. Get a good loader. You do not need to get the most expensive. There are two kinds, and two sub-kinds. (a) motorized and (b) non-motorized. If you go with non-motorized, get a Proto Primo for high volume and a Sport shot for smaller volume. Don't argue.

If you go motorized, there are more choices: (i) agitated/gravity and (ii) impelled/forced. If you go with the former, get a used Viewloader Revolution, aka the 'Revvy'. If you go with the latter, a fine choice is the Invert Too.

If you are playing pump, a gravity loader will be more than sufficient for now.

5. Your marker should come with a barrel bag. Take Heinous' advice and get another.

6. Treat yourself to some good quality knee pads. Happy knees make a happy player, and a long career as a happy player. Volleyball pads are fine, and inexpensive, as are rollerblading pads.

7. Get good, comfy, supportive footwear.

You can always upgrade all this later, and get more, but you need a good base to start from, and this should get you started.

Oh, yes. Listen to Heinous and try the marker out before you buy, if possible. Like the mask, this is something you need to know for yourself. Since you are new, it probably isn't as important, since you have nothing to compare it to, but a little familiarity goes a long way toward enjoyment.

All the best, and welcome.
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