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Well, I got a couple hours in and managed to unlock the Turian Vanguard, EDI Infiltrator, and Exectioner pistol.

The Turian Vanguard is a bit of a mix between the Batarian and Drell Vanguards. My only gripe with the class is the poison strike dash. Instant suicide, it's worse than the biotic charge. It puts you in a compromised position that will most certainly get you killed on Gold / Platinum and it doesn't do that much damage either. On the other hand, the Nightblade Darts and Biotic Focus are really great. The Darts provide a nice cone effect that does decent damage and the Biotic Focus's Tier 6 heal is great.

The EDI Infiltrator is straight up overpowered. No way around it. This Infiltrator is meant to be played with a shotgun and has an advantage over other shotgun wielding Infiltrators due to the 25% shotgun damage bonus that EDI's Tactical Cloak gets at Tier 6. Snap Freeze? Possibly one of the best tech abilities in the game. Repair Matrix is also pretty useful also. The shield regeneration may or may not save you but the instant revive is pretty neat. The Shotgun + Tactical Cloak combo alone makes this class a real good damage dealer.
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