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I believe the price point will be low as the construction of it seems to use alot of composite materials,I'm also guessing it will be somewhat like a Spyder inside if you can break this gun down that fast it must be simple. The bottom line thing is a sign that it won't be too expensive cause if it was through the stock it would cost more to make. By the way it looks I'd say around the $250-350 range on price. I'll get one if there cheap enough otherwise I'll just shoot my EMR5.
This one's going to be fun to address.
Composites??? In the mag, yes
The upper and lower receivers?.....nnnnnnnope.
Let's put it this way. If you own a real AR, strip it down to where all you're holding is a set of the upper and lower receivers in your left hand. Simultaneously hold the set of the T-15s in your right'd be hard pressed to tell the difference when you hold them 3 feet apart at a full arms length.
By look, weight, feel and finish it even fools the best of us.

And by the way, if you're thinking what we achieved is "replica" in the form of airsoft standards.....think again. This is thick, beefy and institutional. A training standard. not a training compromise.
And the gas "IS" in the stock...and the grip. We developed this to address many needs.
Thanks Spydrmn22
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