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FSR platform comparison

Alright MCB I would like your help in finding the right first strike capabale marker for me and hopefully this will end up being a good resource for anyone else looking for a FSR gun also. If this isnt the best spot for this post please let me know.

I am requesting first hand experience on what ever FSR gun you use. Please try to answer the following:

1. Type of Gun
2. barrel you use (bore size, length etc.)
3. Your max range(while still getting breaks)
4. Average +/- over the chrono, please include what type of chrono you are using. Also if using hpa or co2.
5. Accessories used like scope, riser, bipod, laser range finder etc.
6. If it's not mag fed, what is you average reload time for breech loading. Is it acceptable to you, would you rather go mag fed?
7. Rough cost of complete set up (gun, tank, mags, needed or desired accesories, barrel upgrade etc.)
8. Any issues mechanical or otherwise you have ruin into (mags not feeding correctly, wild FPS fluctuations uncorrectable, breaks, faulty parts, durabilty etc. Please dont use this to just bash a particular company, just state what you experienced.

I am trying to narrow down my selection between the SAR12, CCM SR1, Empire Trracer or one of the Tiberius or possibly the spyder hammer 7. If you have experience with one of these guns or another you think I should consider please let me know. I do plan to mount a HHA Optimizer, decent crossbow scope and maybe a range finder and probably the APR2 riser on what ever gun I get.

I plan to use whatever platform I end up with to better engage targets at greater than average paintball ranges in a woodsball environment. I play in Washington and Oregon in a relativley temperate environment and only use HPA. Field restrictions are not much of an issue around here as I know 5 fields that allow first strike rounds off the top of my head.

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