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I think only 2 reacted calmly: the guy in the parka and recording guy. Past that, several tried to help, and everyone else was obviously under duress. We don't know how many were intent on calling 911. We don't know how many were actually recorded. I think it's safe to assume these were "pick of the litter" clips.

Besides, how many of us are mind readers? Why are we so quick to damn? Why is no one asking "why are people reacting like that?" but instead jumping straight to "PEOPLE ARE ALL TERRIBLE AND I'M THE BEST!!1!"
well there's the business man who just turned around, the couch guy who even told the other guy hold the couch to walk away, the old man with the grocery bags, for example.

people are probably quick to damn because this video makes them realize the neighbors they depend on in case of emergency may not be dependable at all.

speaking of "why are people reacting like that," in case of physical danger, just stand there and protect your precious hair:

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