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Frink, you took the words out of my mouth. RRS isn't for everyone, neither is a Ferrari. Some of us are willing to pay the premium to have the very best.

Originally Posted by Frink View Post
Well where to start:

- Carbon resists vibration much more than aluminum does. Vibration and slight movement is what kills sharpness in really long exposures, whether it's waves, movement nearby or vibration from vehicles driving by, Carbon will do a better job.
- Tripod geometry, rigidity and size is more important than weight as far as stability goes
- RRS is not overpriced. It's an excellent product from a small company, and it's made 100% in the USA. It's really fairly comparable to Gitzo pricing and IMO a superior product.
- RRS products are completely modular. If I fall with it and break or bend something while on Vacation, I can get RRS to overnight me the parts and fix it myself with a set of allen keys. If you break a Vanguard or Manfrotto tripod, you throw it away and buy another.
- I can completely dis-assemble my tripod legs without tools. Very usefull for cleaning mud, sand and salt water if you use your tripod outdoors.
- Centre columns are the devil. Avoid them at all costs.

I will never have to replace my RRS tripod, that can't be said of many other brands out there.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

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