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Originally Posted by Flint View Post
Speaking of adjusting the gap, what if the tail, or a section of the tail, is adjustable?
In all honesty, someone who's better on a lathe than I am (which doesn't take a lot) should be able to whip something like that up. I could see a small bolt back there with shims/spacers that could be used to adjust the dwell. I'm just not sure where the terminal limits of length would be, ie: where if you made it too short or too long it would cease to function or physically collide with the inside of the backcap.

Interested to see what Yoda comes up with. I keep debating with myself about getting one of his closed-bolt XE kits but at the same time I like the reliable performance of the open-bolt design, and as my eNMEy is intended as my SHTF, every other gun I own has broken down backup, it's important to me that it's as Murphy-proof as possible.
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