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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
if you have the cash to drop, then go for it
if its every penny you have, dont.

go hit up the field, use the rentals, or borrow a marker from a friend
see if you like it
see how you react when you get shot

if you love it and never want to leave, then ya buy some gear!
if your on the fence, buy a nice mask, and rent a few more times!
a nice mask will make renting much more enjoyable
its not necessarily every penny I have, I just feel like if I get the Reflex, then im obligated to get top of the line hopper, mask, tank, paint, etc... and then im worried about spending too much.

Could you recommend a good mask that won't break the bank? all I know is that im supposed to get a thermal lensed...

Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
I would start out with a used gun, one that is easy to work on, and a reliable one at that. Pick up a new, or like new mask, don't skimp on that - if you can't see, you can't play effectively.

You are jumping right into an electro - is that what is important to you? Is it the looks of it? Are you playing indoor speedball, or in the woods?

Plenty of options for you, personally I wouldn't purchase that gun, but I like playing pump. When I want to shoot more paint during a game, I go with a Mechanical Automag. They are fairly simple to work on - depending on the model, very easy to clean - as in submerge the gun in warm soapy water and cycle the gun a few time kinda easy.

You can find such a gun on here for far less than what you are willing to spend.
I mean, I dont want an ugly gun but looks really dont matter very much... The reason I wanted the Reflex was because I heard it was 24 BPS, and im already pretty darn good with my fingers, I want something that can shoot very fast...

The store that I would be purchasing from gives me a 1 year warranty with it, and they also told me they would work on it for free for life... I thought that was pretty cool.

as far as woods or speed, I honestly would like to play both! I really don't have too much of a preference right now...

I also was looking at the Planet Eclipse Etha... this also looked like a good buy, and I thought the mounting kit was a cool option as well, but something about the Reflex I really like.

thanks for the replies guys.
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