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i'd suggest playing with a rental marker first, if only to have a baseline for an appreciation of a better marker later. definitely get a good mask right off the bat, but i feel like if you use something like a tippmann 98 a few times, THEN you get a better'll really really love it and appreciate it. plus, itll give you a little time to try out a couple of different guns first. most people will at least let you try their gun out at the chrono or take a couple of shots while walking off the field. see what feels best in your hand, and when you pull the trigger.
I guess it was dumb of me to not mention that I have a Spyder Hammer 7, I just bought it because it could shoot first strike, and it was cheap, I never really intended on bringing it to the field. Also, many many years ago I had a viewloader Orion that I bought at G.I. Joes for like 60 bucks, and I never took it to any fields.

After doing some research, im sort of leaning toward the Etha. But now I think ill just go to the shop and purchase a nice mask, and go to a field this weekend....

its just hard for me to resist buying something! ive been saving for a quite a while and have a good deal of cash that im anxious to blow, I guess its just burning a hole in my pocket!
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