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Originally Posted by XKE View Post
Can anyone comment more on the trigger once adjusted?

I really want to pick one of these up as an all purpose marker. I would more than likely spend most of my time shooting it in mechanical mode, but I would also play tournaments with it. I read in several reviews that the trigger is either way too stiff, or way too bouncy and the marker runs away. Is there any middle ground here?
If this marker an do what is advertised, and performs as a reliable mechanical, and performance oriented electro marker, then I want one. But if the board and trigger bounce are bad enough to keep it from being a decent performing electro, then I will shop elsewhere.
XKE, if you want a typical electro type trigger and handling, you are best to shop elsewhere. I don't "Walk" the trigger, nor do I take part in that type of play, so it is perfect for me.

For anyone else wanting the same, there are markers that excel at that game, and your money is better spent there. For anyone who likes a mech marker, this one is hard to beat.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

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