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Slappadapink: Hey we have the same stalker vest and the paint I used today looks just like yours...

I agree with everything you posted. I was just out with my redux and I never feel outgunned. I was eliminated in the first game when I hit a guy dead in the chest but didn't see it break and he hid back behind his bunker. Thinking he was wiping (happens a lot to me when guys that don't see, or hear the shot) I yelled "You're out fool!". He proceeded to fire about 20 shots my way and hit me. I went over to him and he was standing there showing me his jersey and it was clean. I've been playing pistol and stock class for several years now, but I'll admit I felt the pucker factor when he aimed at me (I was laying in the prone position with no cover) and started shooting. I could have aimed while I shot back instead of blinding trying to get some shots off but haven't developed the ability to return accurate fire while getting hosed at yet, as I tend to be able to keep myself out of those situations. But like you said, it was my tactics that got me eliminated and not my gun. I didn't have a solid confirmation on the kill and revealed myself. He had a bunker and I didn't. I let my guard down and he didn't. If I had a mech semi or an electro he would have probably still won that battle.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I seem to have the same success with a SC marker as I do with any other. They only difference is how many rounds I shoot and how much fun I have. I'll still kill about 15 guys a day and get out a few times, but I'll use somewhere around 100 rounds a day vs. 1000-2000 playing mech or those few times I shot an electro. The short story is: I'm an average player with either type of gun.

Back on topic though... Don't let the "I'm out gunned" perception stop you from picking up one of the nice SC guns out there on the BST! Give it a chance and enjoy your lighter load out.
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...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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