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Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
I just bought a used sterling and it is having a few issues. I am hoping mcb can get me on the right path:
I have a modern stp sterling. I am using hpa at 800 psi feed via a palmers stab. When aired up it does not leak. When I pump the gun it opens the valve and vents down the barrel. The venting stops when I take pressure off the valve. I have added some washers to the valve spring. I can now cock the gun when it is not aired up. If i gently and slowly cock the gun the valve will stay closed, However if I pump the gun quickly (with more force) the valve will open and vent. This does not change when I adjust the stab.

A few questions:
1. The valve spring that came with the sterling is the same size as a phantom valve spring. Is that the right spring?

2. Sterling need what kind of springs ?
3. spyder springs?
4. Can a sterling normally be cocked when not aired up? I know most nelsons cannot be cocked when degassed.
I am going to remove the stab and feed hpa in at full pressure and see what effect this has. Any other ideas?
The adjustable hammer does not seem to adjust. As I turn the inner screw nothing seems to move to increase tension on the main spring.
5. I am I confused as to how the adjustable hammer is supposed to function?
6. Can these hammers become uncoupled if turned too far?

That is about it for now. MCB I await your wisdom.
To answer the questions I can in order (I put Red numbers next to your questions)

1. I've never had a Phantom spring in my hands so I'm not sure on the specs
2. I can measure my Sterling springs that came with my gun in the 90's (I have some matched sets using my Chronograph to match the springs)
3. I cut down some Spyder Springs when I spring tuned my Sterling
4. I have a Proline Sterling and mine CAN NOT be cocked unless it's aired up, although I've heard of some being able to (AP Sterlings).
5. This I'm not sure on this since I have a "preadjustable" Sterling
6. I'm not sure on this one either because of my answer in the last question

I'll measure my springs when I get home from work and post the info on this thread.

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