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I didn't see the hitchhiker as shady. I saw him as desperate to live.

Probably somewhat true.

See above. Without knowing full towns history, how do you trust anyone?

No just the ones carrying guns that are trained to kill and pose a threat to your authority in a zombie apocolypse

Rick viewed Morgan as a friend that helped him. Probably also saw him as a potential asset. Had Morgan been anyone else Rick would have done him himself.

By our standards, yes. But these aren't our standards. And I think that's the point. They are no more than animals in some aspects. How did Andrea survive alone? I thought she met up with Michone who essentially kept her save more or less?
you know, if your justification for killing people is "you don't know what i've been through," that's some shaky grounds you walk. besides that, the national guards were as armed and maybe even less armed than morgan. on top of that, being armed doesn't mean they are hostile. everybody is armed in the zombie apocalypse. being trained to kill doesn't necessarily mean they intend to kill either. they would have done so when the white flag first waved if their intent was there.

you noted rick still spared morgan. that's part of what i meant with having allies, in the perspective of morgan. had morgan not first helped rick, morgan would be dead now. also note that morgan had a chance to join rick's crew, but simply declined. the fact remains he would not have had that chance if he didn't help rick way back then.

and living and dying doesn't necessarily show who did the right thing, so you can say the governor is alive while the national guards are dead, but shane died too and his philosophy matches yours, so did that long haired guy from prison. rick killed them both, but not only after they showed a willingness to harm his group. the governor never gave that benefit of the doubt.
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