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Originally Posted by Flint View Post
So with server issues receding, remember the "cloud computing" claim? That the calculations for AI and stuff is so hardcore, that they would hang PCs, so to relieve that, its moved to the mighty servers?

Well apparently, the AI is not just dumb, its essentially broken.
SimCity’s Sims Don’t Seem That Smart After All | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

This is official, i giving up on this game, even if it would be on sale, aint getting it. Reinstalled simcity4, updated it with a whole bunch of awesome mods, and im having fun.

The pathfinding killed my city on the MCB game. I was specializing in oil and my oil trucks would load up and drive up and over a bridge and through town before making it to the refinery which had a direct road right to it. This then meant that they would spend sometimes a full game day in traffic so I started losing money like mad. I demolished whole stretches of road to try and make everything more direct and allow for more capacity but all that did was cost me even more money. Finally I just bulldozed all the oil industry stuff and put in regular old industrial zones and started making money again. This is will hopefully be patched in the future but the game is still fun and playable.
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