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Originally Posted by elraido View Post
I would like to see him raise kids in a 420 sq/ft home. My house is only 950 sq/ft and with two large dogs, it doesn't seem like enough at times. Like others have said, it must be nice to be able to live a hippy life and wonder around the world because you have the money to do so. Well, I take that back. That sounds bitter. It is the fact that he does have that much more money and then lectures us about the "evils" of it and we should all live the way he does. I can't afford to take a trip to Florida, let alone travel the world and take it all of its sites.
I think the explanation of his money and travel was about how it allowed him to get stuff and then how it freed him from stuff.

It's an old message, the things that make you happy, aren't things. They are porn.

His small house point is well taken but it does mean you need to 1) chuck stuff as soon as you are done b) buy nice, long lasting stuff as soon as you need it.

$20 says he doesn't have a Costco card.
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When HC finds something disturbing, you know it's f#*&king disturbing.
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