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Wouldn't it be simpler to just get an ASA to 1/8NPT reducer and run a line from there to the bottomline? Running the line off the side seems needlessly complex, and I doubt it would be more comfortable.
I have at least 3 of the reducers and I have thought about it. One thing that stops me is I want to put on an RVA. I know about the cooper-t rear ASA with RVA in it and I think PPS has one as well, I am just not wanting to go that route yet.

I am not sure where I want the air comming in to the gun yet. I was think about the bottom line but then I realized I may be able to mount a CCI vert air adaptor to the front of the trigger guard. I've also looked at just plugging the hole and having PPS install vert air but I really just haven't decided yet.

I was just hoping that somebody may know of some fittings that would make it go as easy as possible. I have found many fittings that would work but they are for lower pressures than what this is going to need.
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