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In the cases that I have seen people with a squeegee stuck in the barrel, they have lost their barrel condom. I have never seen a ref let it fly without an explanation around these parts.

I'd like to have seen him shoot several balls at one of the old school rubber blocks. I can't see a worn one of those standing up to more than two shots. I have some in the bottom of my bag that hardly stay in the barrel.
I hear you on the barrel plugs. I had a tippman one, that would fall out of practically anything especially my 98c. THe only type of barrel plug I would trust would be the type that tighten up real good. I have a little one by cooper-T that is a piece of delrin with a knurled aluminum screw that you tighten down and it expands the delrin insert to make it near impossible to pull out.

That said I'd still much rather everyone used barrel bags. THe problem at one local field is geting the people to actually cinch the straps down so that actually take repeated shots. Its like people don't think about the fact that if it falls off while walking it isn't going to do its job stopping a shot.
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