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i've just got a Hammer 7 last week and played over the weekend (while my phantom lost a screw on the field and my T8.1 was down) so i had to buy a couple mags to have more than 9 rounds per game...

Ive worn them in my pockets and was losing way too many balls(yes, the follower was locked down) so I've tried doing a kydex holders just for the mags...

It's my first try so please be nice to me :P

I got pretty damned good retention in there and it only release them if I move them in a certain way... I need to get some rivets to clip it all together and find out how to attach them to a belt...

anyone got some kydex experience that they could share to make it compatible to a 1-1/2" belt?

i got the kydex to make T8.1 mags holders, but got a good deal for a P3 pack... so it just went to my storage space without fooling around with it last year...
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