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Because you'll have a product before you take people's money.
Even better - we won't be taking their money until the gun is actually shipped.

In our setup and plan all the money goes into an escrow account. This is not touchable by us until the product is shipped. Then we get access to that money.

With a 100 gun batch plan, we will take orders for however many markers on preorder, and break them into 100 gun batches in the order they come in. Then each of those is a separate batch or account. So as we ship out each batch we receive that account.

This means we are fronting the money and posing no risk to the customer. If we fail to produce, in a timely manner or otherwise your funds are safe and returned to you.

This, plus we are waiting till the gun is reviewed before letting it go to pre-order. That should insure that the customer knows their product, is wanting to purchase it and they can do so with very little to no risk. That is better then ordering a gun and realizing that the person ordering it doesn't want it after a review.

I think it should be the way the industry does it. Looking at how some companies have failed to do this in the past on start up was a lesson we took to heart. In a way it is like a kickstarter program - except the minimum number has already been paid for, so you know the product will be produced.

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