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Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
i wouldn't be surprised if you discover its quieter than you'd expect. Cool idea btw! i was the owner of calamity for all of 3 days before i was convinced to trade it to str8boostn, but if its workmanship is an indication of whats to come i will be watching this thread closely!
Hahaha he was absolutely rabid about picking that up But you made an offer first so it went to you.

Still haven't gotten to test it, it's been a zoo here at work and too many bigshots making surprise visits so I haven't been able to sneak out to the parking lot to do any testing. I might just hook up the bucket rig at the chrono range at Cousins this Sunday since I'm playing at the big game there anyway.

The more I think about this project though, the more excited I get. Besides not looking as much like real-steel as I'd like it to, this concept pretty much covers and fixes every flaw of every other pistol format I've tried. So even if I have to do a vert ASA with a 4 oz tank ala Calamity, instead of 12 grams, I could live with that for the other benefits. Now I just need to continue scraping cash together to fund this and a few other bucket list projects.
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