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Originally Posted by GHPBOwner View Post
We had a customer ask us about making an FS feed for the trracer. We are looking into it, if we were to figure it out how many people would be interested?
I would!! I am local too I know a few guys from my team would as well.

I am helping to put together the Moongobbie Bros Ultimate Sniper Challenge at Supergame 45. If you could have a solid working design by then you could probably sell a lot of those and I would help advertise it during the event. It would make for one the lowest cost mag fed first strike platforms out there. I am planning on using a trracer and just breech loading but would much rather have a mag option.

P.S. By mag fed i just mean FS fed. I'd rather a tube design be used that will sit somewhat flush with the marker body rather than a mag sticking out of the side. Also many people who will want this will also be running some sort of optic package so space on the top rail may be limited.

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