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1. price point (me personally, I would only want to pay $20-25)

2. wrist wrap (to protect your wrists when falling. I had an old pair of leather skate gloves when I was riding BMX that were awesome in this regard and they saved my wrists many times over the years when I fell.

3. made from what?

4. double stitched, and finger guards

5. no palm padding

6. camo

7. grippy rubber on hands

8. fabric on back to wipe lens clean when playing if you get hit in the face

What do you guys think? What would you want in a glove if I could get it designed and custom made?
ideally? grippy palm side rubber and leather/pleather two tone black grey colors to blend in all environments. breathing holes and shaped rubber padding on the back side. heck maybe even open the whole back palm. wrist wrap not for protection but just to secure the gloves with easy putting on and off. no wiping fabric, those never worked anyway save your money on production. same price point as yours, 30 max or else i just buy another pair of bmx ones, they pretty much fit the bill.
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