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Tunaball 7 - June 1&2 @ Topgun paintball NJ


Our 7th annual game in honor of Bob "Tunaman" Scott will be held on the weekend of June 1 & 2 2013. As always, at the awesome Topgun playing fields in Cream Ridge, NJ. Jackson NJ Paintball, Paintball Field, TopGun Paintball Paintball Games, Top Gun Paintball in Jackson, New Jersey

YES - BOTH Tom Kaye AND Simon will be there....

Mag, or no Mag, it doesn't matter!

Schedule of events:
Friday 5/31- from Noon - 3pm Meet & Greet at Topgun. Registration, air and chrono will be open as well as the pro shop.

Saturday 6/1 - 8am -5pm TUNABALL 7! Format TBD. Most likely very informal laid back games.

8pm: Some sort of afterparty. TBD

Sunday 6/2: VINTAGE GUN DAY. Break out and dust off your old school gats. I will post more on this soon.
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